Liven up your next conversation with these made-up words

As a writer, I love to learn about new words . . . how they’re created and how they eventually make it into the dictionary.

Here is a list of my favorite made-up words. You probably won’t find these in any official dictionary any time soon, but try using one in conversation or in your next meeting.

  1. Authentification — to identify and authenticate something at the same time.
    We need to authentificate that data before we can add it on the website.
  2. Bellignorant — to be ignorant and belligerent at the same time.
    I hope you’re not simply being bellignorant in your refusal to accept the singular they.
  3. Blorb — unit of measurement determined by one squeeze of the substance from the bottle.
    Give me one blorb of syrup for these pancakes.
  4. Cellfish — someone who talks, texts, or pays excessive attention to their phone thereby excluding those he or she is with.
    Your cellfishness is causing a real problem in our relationship.
  5. Destinesia — to arrive somewhere and forget why you’re there.
    I have destinesia every time I walk into the storeroom.
  6. Flabulous — describes something that looks good on the outside, but may not look good on the inside or upon closer examination.
    Next year’s budget looks flabulous with cuts in staffing and benefits. 
  7. Jobfuscate — the art of arranging your work so it appears that your job is so complicated no one can possibly understand what you do.
    Grayson may be inept in his work, but he is a master at jobfuscating
  8. Metox — to take a break from being self absorbed.
    I have several colleagues who could use some time off to metox.
  9. Name shame — when you should know someone’s name, but don’t.
    I was name shamed at the photo shoot when I couldn’t remember the photographer’s name.
  10.  Nerdjacking — without awareness or regard for the listener, to take over a conversation by introducing an obscure topic or discussing the current topic in excessive detail.I do everything possible to avoid talking to Stephanie. She nerdjacks every conversation with details about her keto diet.
  11.  Nonversation — a worthless or meaningless conversation; an exchange of small words and gestures that often occurs because the participants don’t speak the same language.
    I walked slowly in the parking garage this morning so I could avoid another nonversation with Amy.
  12. Nurdeling — sticking your cold feet under or on another person in an attempt to warm your own feet.
    If you don’t stop nurdeling me, I’m going to watch the game in the other room.
  13. Textpectation — the anticipation felt when waiting for a text
    I have no textpectations when it comes to my sister. It takes her forever to reply.
  14. Scrittle — to scratch something lightly.My cat likes to be scrittled between her ears.
  15.  Streamrolled — to be run over, knocked down, and flattened by the amount of information coming at you.
    I regret asking Jack to help with this project. He’s completely streamrolled me, and now I don’t know where to start.

What are some of your favorite made-up words? Share them below.



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