Mark Ragan
CEO, Ragan Communications
Chicago, Illinois

Let me start with this: Laura is the most popular writer on PR Daily.

That is no small feat. We have hundreds of contributors, and we’re read by 1.2 million communicators around the world.

Laura’s stories are consistently the most shared on social media, and they always attract the most comments. She has a nose for the news and an instinct for what the reader wants. But above all, Laura knows how to write for today’s ADD-afflcited reader. Her stories are simple, clear and concise. They pack a lot of useful information into a small space.

Her story selection is likewise on target. This is what you want in a corporate writer and editor. She can write for both an external audience and employees. This is also rare.

Communicators today must fight for eyeballs. So if you’re searching for a writer who knows how to win over readers, Laura is beyond compare


James E. Schutte, Ph.D.
Writer and editor

8 Orchard Place
Excelsior Springs MO  64024

It is with great pleasure that I heartily recommend Laura Hale Brockway as an editor.

As a full-time writer in the medical field for nearly 30 years, I have worked with dozens of editors for publications ranging from Medical Economics to JAMA to book editors.  I would rank Laura among the best of them.

I have found her to be unfailingly professional as well as personally pleasant in our interactions.  She approaches writers with a clear vision of what she wants from them, which greatly facilitates the writer’s ability to generate the desired copy.  She edits with a clear eye that is able to grasp the writer’s point and sharpen it with minimal requests for clarification or additional information.  This makes for quick turnaround of copy with minimal frustration on both ends.

In short, believe Laura will be a valuable asset to for whatever position she accepts.


Bob Lewis
Principal, LTC Consulting

Austin, Texas

It is a great pleasure to recommend Laura Brockway as a professional writer, editor, and communications manager, I have known Laura for approximately six years as a client, student, and friend.

Laura has many talents as a leader and manager.  She truly cares about the development of others. Most recently, she led her group in the Strength Finders Assessment and helped her group strengthen their team’s talents.  Laura’s strong relationship-building skills and ability to get others to complete tasks is extremely indicative of her leading and managing style.

Laura has a strong desire to succeed and it shows in her work style.  It is without a doubt that Laura’s work ethic is well above the norm of most people in the work place.  She takes great pride in getting the job done.  One of her beacon qualities is that her work quality is fairly flawless and gets great satisfaction of creating a document or project that far exceeds expectations.

Laura has the natural ability to listen to others and create a positive environment around her.  People often feel very comfortable sharing information with her.  She is a professional and is very confidential when it comes to sensitive issues and challenges.  Laura has the ability to make good decisions and utilize her standard of ethics and confidentiality.

Laura has strong talents and would be a great addition to any organization.  I highly recommend her as a candidate for employment.


Barbara A. Rose
Austin, Texas

This letter is written to tell you about my former co-worker and friend, Laura Hale Brockway.

Laura and I worked together at Texas Medical Liability Trust  for more than 11 years. She is the editor of the newsletter and I was the contributing editor of the publication. We relied on each other to publish a newsletter recognized for its excellence. Nearly every issue included an article relevant to our readers (primarily physicians) written by Laura. She has been personally recognized with awards from the American Medical Writers Association and the Austin Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication.

Laura possesses many qualities worthy of note. She is mature, dependable and committed to excellence in all that she does. I would heartily recommend her for any position that she seeks knowing a future employer will be fortunate to have her.