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Laura Hale Brockway, ELS

I am an award-winning writer and editor with 18 years experience in corporate communications. I can spot typos from a mile away. I know the difference between an em dash and an en dash. My writing is well researched and detailed, yet written in a clear and concise style. (I can explain EMTALA regulations to my mom.) I have an eye for perfection in all things, with the inclination to ensure that all materials and efforts reflect excellence.

No communication task is too big or too small. In the past 16 years, I have led and contributed to such varying efforts as:

  • publication production (writing and editing);
  • web site content production and management;
  • search engine optimization and Google AdWords campaigns;
  • social media strategy and implementation;
  • communications planning, measurement, feedback;
  • media relations
  • print production;
  • advertising;
  • crisis communications;
  • employee communications; and
  • external branding campaigns.

Reach me at laurajane1996@gmail.com.