21 alternatives to “opportunity”

Do you ever feel that you’re so acculturated in marketing and PR-speak that you use it in your non-work life?

I recently attended a wedding in which the couple wrote their own vows. The groom began his recitation with this sentence:

“I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to marry you today.”

To put this in perspective, the groom is an entrepreneur who lives and breathes marketing and client relations. So although that statement not surprising, it does speak to the pervasiveness of phrases such as, “I appreciate the opportunity to meet with you,” and, “Thank you for this opportunity.” Is there a better way to express this sentiment?

The English language is full of meaningful and precise words. Let’s use them in our work instead of reflexively relying on words or phrases that have lost their meaning. Below are some alternatives to the word “opportunity.”

(Please keep in mind that not all these options will work in every “Thank you for the opportunity” scenario, but they can at least be used to add variety to our writing).

  1. advantage
  2. aptness
  3. break
  4. chance
  5. circumstance
  6. connection
  7. convenient situation
  8. endeavor
  9. event
  10. favor/favorable
  11. fitness
  12. good fortune
  13. occasion
  14. occurrence
  15. opening
  16. option
  17. possibility
  18. prospect
  19. shot
  20. stroke of luck
  21. suitable time/occasion

What alternatives would you add to this list?

This post was first published on Ragan Communication’s PR Daily.

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