Write it out — 41 ways to express frustration

I’ve had a rough time at work over the past couple of weeks: roadblocks, stonewalling, purposeful lack of communication, siloed behavior.

It makes me long for the days when my job just involved writing and editing. Let me correct some serial commas—please.

I thought I would try a little writing therapy. Below are idioms and words that describe the frustration I’ve felt lately. I’ve been “at my wit’s end” and “in a stew,” but I’ve also felt bewildered, incensed and riled.

How many of these can you relate to?

  1. At your wit’s end
  2. At the end of your rope
  3. Beside oneself
  4. Bewildered
  5. Blow a fuse
  6. Blue in the face
  7. Come apart at the seams
  8. Exasperated
  9. Fit to be tied
  10. Fly off the handle
  11. Foam at the mouth
  12. Go off the deep end
  13. Go through the roof
  14. Hackles are up
  15. Have a bee in your bonnet
  16. Hot under the collar
  17. In a stew
  18. In a tailspin
  19. Incensed
  20. Inflamed
  21. Infuriated
  22. Irascible
  23. Ireful
  24. Knickers in a twist
  25. Mad as a wet hen
  26. Makes your blood boil
  27. Nonplussed
  28. Nose out of joint
  29. On the warpath
  30. Out of countenance
  31. Piqued
  32. Rabid
  33. Riled
  34. Run mad
  35. Set your teeth on edge
  36. Short-fused
  37. Stirred up
  38. Tear your hair out
  39. Up in arms
  40. Vexed
  41. Wound up

What would to add to the list, PR Daily readers?

This post was first published on Ragan Communication’s PR Daily.

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