15 posts for any occasion

You know you’ve arrived as a professional writer when your friends can talk about random topics and you can say “I wrote an article about that once.”

I’ve found myself saying that a lot this week. So below are a few of those posts . . . posts for any occasion or discussion topic.


  1. Need to beat someone at Scrabble?
    57 words you may not have known you could use in Scrabble
  2. Wondering what the singular form of “scissors” is?
    39 plural forms that might confuse writers
  3. Not sure you spelled “idiosyncrasy” correctly?
    50 words you need to stop misspelling
  4. Want to have a little fun at your next meeting?
    Put that jargon to good use — play “Word Quest” at your next meeting
  5. Want to settle an argument about the serial comma?
    Serial commas: Do you or don’t you?
  6. Having trouble getting out of bed in the morning?
    8 creative alarm clocks to rouse you earlier
  7. Need a clever subject line for an email:
    25 inspiring email subject lines
  8. Hyphens driving you to drink?
    Heading off hyphenation headaches
  9. Confused by who versus whom?
    Who vs. whom: A simple trick for determining when to use each word
  10. No idea what you’re going to write about for the corporate blog?
    Finding content when it’s scarce
  11. Too many trolls in your life?
    Do you recognize these 6 types of trolls
  12. Do you cringe every time someone says “utilize”?
    24 lazy corporate verbs you need to fire
  13. Wish there was more civility in your online interactions?
    What would Jane Austen do? A guide to social media etiquette
  14. Does a friend or loved one use too many exclamation points?
    Stop the madness! Rules for using the exclamation point
  15. Annual performance review coming up?
    What those performance review phrases really mean

How about it PR Daily readers . . . do you have any topics that would make an interesting post?

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