Is there a stronger alternative to “impact” as a verb?

“Impact” as a verb . . . go ahead, roll your eyes accordingly.

Last week, we had a request to change the verb “affects” to “impacts” in a headline. The requestor thought “impact” was the better choice because it was a stronger verb.

Original headline: Recent court decision affects physicians.
Requested headline: Recent court decision impacts physicians.

Once we explained that using “impact” as a verb is not proper usage, we were asked if there was stronger verb than “affects.”

The alternatives were:
Recent court decision concerns physicians.
Recent court decision involves physicians.
Recent court decision upsets physicians.

But we also could have rewritten the sentence as:
Recent court decision has an impact on physicians.

None of these choices were compelling.

So readers, is there a better alternative to “impacts” than the word “affects”?

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