How do you handle a colleague who misses deadlines?

A little help here, please.

I need advice regarding a problem that persists for communication professionals everywhere. How do you deal with a co-worker who simply cannot meet a deadline?

Most of us know how to solve deadline problems with those we supervise or with contractors that we work with. Many of us even know what to do when executives don’t meet their deadlines. The advice I am seeking is what to do when a colleague constantly misses deadlines.

In my particular case, this person works in another department, but has writing responsibilities that affect my department. I’ve tried providing extra padding in the deadlines I give him, telling him it’s due the 14th when it’s really due the 28th. I still don’t have the work by the 28th. I’ve tried following up with him to see how he’s doing on the project, offering an extension early on. He doesn’t meet the extension deadline either.

I do know that it’s not from a lack of effort on the part of this person; rather, it’s poor time management. I hesitate to go to his manager, preferring to try and work this out with him directly.


So, PR Daily readers, how do you help others meet deadlines? Any great techniques for making sure someone does tasks in a timely way?

This post was first published on Ragan Communication’s PR Daily.

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