39 more ways to close your emails

My post from last week, “39 ways to close your emails,” discussed how to put a little personality into email signoffs. Why use “sincerely” or “thanks” when you can use “stay tuned” or “You don’t need to see my credentials”?

PR Daily readers added a few of their own favorite closing lines:

1. Allons-y
2. Be well
3. Caring is what we do
4. Carpe diem
5. Enthusiastically
6. Excellent, Smithers
7. Forward
8. Get to the choppa
9. Hasta la vista, baby!
10. Have a magical day
11. I am
12. In gratitude
13. Love is in the details
14. May the force be with you
15. May the odds be ever in your favor
16. No, really
17. Off to slay dragons
18. Onward
19. Onward and upward
20. Osmosis, amoeba.
21. Our talent is caring
22. Peace
23. Sending sunshine (Esp. since I live in Calif.)
24. Thanks for your time
25. Tiddle-pip
26. Travel well
27. TTFN
28. Want less. Share more.
29. Warmly
30. Your humble and obedient servant
31. 🙂

Plus a few more to get us to 39:

32. Confusion to your competitors
33. Exit, stage right
34. I always wanted to be . . . a lumberjack!
35. I am yours, etc.
36. If you don’t answer, I will call you.
37. Make it so
38. No reply automatically means “yes”
39. So long, and thanks for all the fish

Any more to share, PR Daily readers?

This article was first published on Ragan Communication’s PR Daily.

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