20 more words you need to stop misspelling

by Laura Hale Brockway

Last week, I posted an article about 50 commonly misspelled words (such as inoculate, susceptible, bellwether). At the end of the post, I asked PR Daily readers to share words they have trouble spelling.

Turns out, there are nearly two-dozen other words giving you grief:

1. Campaign
2. Carburetor
3. Commission
4. Contributor
5. Counterfeit
6. Definitely
7. Gauge
8. Hors d’oeuvre
9. Iridescent
10. Liaison
11. Losing
12. Millennial
13. Mise en place
14. Necessary
15. Occasion
16. Premiere/premier
17. Restaurateur
18. Separate
19. Stationery/stationary
20. Vacuum


This article was first published on Ragan Communication’s PR Daily.



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